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image: pat headshotWelcome to my website, Mohawk Valley Legacy. It's also the title and setting of my current work in progress, a Christian historical romance. If you enjoy reading, writing, or sharing your thoughts about stories that have the power to inspire, or have interests in arts and crafts for any age, then follow the 'trail' prompts above.

image: pat's sonTravel the "King's Road" and it will give you my statement of faith in the one true God to whom this website is dedicated, and how important it is to learn about His direction and purpose for our lives.

Take the trail to "Dwellings", my blog, where you will find lively and informative conversations with authors of the latest Christian fiction, contests, recipes, crafts for adults and children, and a place where you can offer your comments.

Finally, you will discover where the Lord planted me had a profound effect on my journey-- as a Christian artist, writer, and teacher, and instilled in me a sense of my history and eternal inheritance.

Lift the lamp of Faith to light your way, and stay on the path the Lord has set before you to discover your spiritual legacy. Patricia Anne Iacuzzi

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